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About Us

About NEMEA's Services, Consulting, and Tools

NEMEA understands the challenges of enterprise-wide compliance, risk management, and governance. Our professionals know what you need - and what's at stake - in a mandated and highly regulated business environment. You need to compile and access information across all departments, track high-risk areas, then document and report to business leaders, senior management, regulators, and internal and external auditors. Only then can you go to senior managers or the board and help them make informed decisions for the enterprise. In short, your data must be current, accurate, and available 24/7. All along, reduced operating costs, tight controls and efficiency are key - while flexibility and responsiveness to change are critical.

As former security officers, the leaders of NEMEA have learned from personal experience that using consultants and in-house resources is expensive and exhausting. They discovered that most automated tools are confusing and rigid - and that waiting for the next release to fix shortcomings is unacceptable. More than anything, they wanted current information on specific regulations and surveys that would support those regulations. They also wanted all business units and divisions to use the same tool, program, and method of reporting. So, their progressive goal was to empower all concerned management with innovative and comprehensive tools -- tools that would help identify, organize, document and retrieve compliance, vulnerability, and control information across the enterprise.

NEMEA understands that inter-departmental collaboration is vital for building a proactive and successful compliance team. We know that expert training, product support, and dedicated services ensure a smoother process, and that web-based GRC software that is accessible anywhere enhances compliance. At last, your organization can benefit from this knowledge and experience.

If your company is driven by audit demands, business performance and regulatory pressure, then what you need is a solid set of complimentary services, matching consulting services and on-demand, automated software that fits your business model and covers important current industry regulations. What you don't need is to waste extra time and money. To learn more about how we can help, click on our Solutions and Resources pages.

The Story Behind Our Name

In Greek mythology, a ferocious lion once lived in the ancient city of Nemea. Because one of the beast's parents was a dragon, the lion's skin was impenetrable to all weapons. So the first of Hercules' twelve labors was to slay this fierce Nemean Lion. After a weary battle, Hercules ultimately prevailed by choking the lion with his bare hands. Thereafter, he wore the lion's invincible hide as defensive body armor. Our firm has proudly chosen the name NEMEA as a symbol of the impenetrable protection and security that we provide. Indeed, our venerable name is a tribute to a resourceful warrior. It is also a salute to security officers everywhere, who must take on the Herculean endeavor of compliance, risk management, and governance.








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"The only thing worse than doing something the hard way is having to do it over and over again."

Gary Swindon,
NEMEA Founder

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